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Volkswagen in trouble

Volkswagen in trouble

If you are trying to find the perfect place to work, there is no doubt that the German company Volkswagen, which despite the troubles I have undergone, does not intend to leave without paying her bosses.

Just so, as the company has decided to pay 63 million euro on some veteran managers who work there, but also others who have worked before, although the figures show huge losses due to pollution scandal.

Volkswagen last year admitted manipulating pollution tests its cars and only in 2015 the company lost 5.5 billion euros. But this does not mean that Volkswagen punish those who lead, but is rewarding.

The company’s chief executive, Matthias Muller, will receive a salary of 4.7 million euros for 2015, although 800 thousand of them will be given later. His predecessor, Martin Vinterkorn, who resigned shortly after the scandal broke, will receive 7.3 million euro.

While Hans Dieter Posch, will receive 5.2 million euros for his old job as chief financial officer and a fixed salary of 13.4 million euros for his new role as head of the supervisory board of Volkswagen.

But it must be said that the company did not forget to make about 16.2 billion euro for the costs of the scandal of pollution, for which wage earners millionaire knew nothing, because there were only a few engineers in factories and receiving salaries usual, they decided to flattered by manipulating tests.

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