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Presidential campaign continues hot

Presidential campaign continues hot

Americans continue to follow closely the presidential race, where candidates try to justify and interpret their attitudes adding even more confusion of voters in this preliminary campaign unusual.

In January, Donald Trump was one of many Republican candidates, while Hillary Clinton distinguished as the leading candidate among two other Democratic candidates.

Past week, Mr. Trump officially obtained the necessary figures to get the Republican nomination.

“We won the nomination sharply, with incredible results.”

While Mrs. Clinton should make strong campaign to avoid embarrassing defeats near the end of the preliminary voting.

Moreover, it is placed on the defensive by the Inspector General’s report that concluded that former Secretary of State has violated the policies of the State Department with her email.

“There are also practice the other state secretaries use of personal email. The rules were not clearly defined at the time. As I have often said, if I was given another chance, I would have acted differently. ”

“I see Hillary Clinton, as I call it – impostors Hillary, who goes and just lying. It is a pity … It is a mess. Bad judgment, “said Mr. Trump

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump initially accepted and later rejected a debate with Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s challenger.

“I hope to race against him as the nominee of the Democrats. If yes, then we will defeat the deep. ”

The efforts Trumpi is an idea to which Sanders and Clinton agree.

“Globally threatened much. We must not allow in any way that Donald Trump even close to the White House. ”

But while Clinton and Sanders fight each other, the Democratic Party is not united. Meanwhile, officials are giving signs that Republicans will unite behind Mr. Trump, who for the first time in the polls appears on Mrs. Clinton.

“Chair in almost every poll now. Believe it already? That’s wonderful.”

Completed its primary next Tuesday, when among others, the largest US state, California, will have their say

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