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Ermonela Jaho

Ermonela Jaho has captured the attention of press time world

Ermonela Jaho time has occupied the attention of the world press, but the final price was a remarkable achievement for him, the more reason to be restored in the eye of the media, which does not spare praise for the exceptional soprano Albanian.

Prestigious “The Economist” is the latest public that seeks to present a picture of a singer so filling, but does so by throwing a look at the past, seeking to explain how Ermonela Jaho soprano became more chanting in the world.

When dictators suppress dissent – and left her newspaper article – art that is music often survives. So there should be a surprise, and so great, the fact that an artist as Jaho, who snatched the award of the singer most valued by the “bible” of the industry, “Opera Magazine”, was born and formed in Albania of Enver Hoxha.

Ermonela own recalls with a fun and compassionate atmosphere of paranoia and isolation, in which he was raised, with a single channel television and comedian stranger approved by the state, Norman Wisdom, with the boom of the name Adriatic by sea must be overcome to find their own destiny, hundreds of thousands of bunkers that dotted the land in every corner, but also with a kind of heady polyphony being sung at weddings in villages, since ancient times.

Jaho has a tremendous magnetism on stage and singing her komplotohet unquestionably an incredibly sleek physical presence. He wrath of injured animals, who appeared in “Suor Angelica”, it says its artist for “The Economist”, is her anger. “When I sing, all ego out from what I have seen and heard throughout my life,” she says.

Jaho, continues “The Economist” has a land where beauty finds no trace dive, and often speaks in the third person, as if to show how it sees its progress always eye target.


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