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It shows how Deschamps knows Albania

It shows how Deschamps knows Albania

Didier Deschamps the start of his career quite early, to Aviron Bayonnais. He was still in school when the discoverer of talents FC Nantes discovered his skills. They contracted to the age of 15, and 2 years later he was part of the team and played in the French top league. After 4 years he transferred to Olympic Marseille and won the French league in 1991 and 1992. He was the only part of the French team, who won for the first time in the 1993 Champions League.

In 1994, transferred to Juventus, and Italian Cup wins 3 times, 1 time Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup 2 times. Meanwhile, for the second time won the Champions League in 1996. He also became part of the British Championship, when transfeuar to the Chelsea team for two years. He ended his career as an active football in 2001, to the team of Valencia.

Didier Deschamps was fixed part of the French national team, scoring 103 participation. He was captain of the team that won the World Cup in 1998 in France, in the final won 3: 0 against Brazil.
It was something special for him to take the World Cup trophy in his country, submitted by President Jacques Chirac. Two years later they won and Europain Championships, held in Belgium and the Netherlands. Immediately after the tournament, he closed the chapter with the national team.
Immediately after the end of his playing career, he was nominated as coach of As Monaco in 2001, and that year, reaching the final of the Champions League against Porto’s. In 2003, he settled as coach of the year. After a long period under the direction of Juventus and then to Olympic Marseille, 2012 replaces Laurent Blanc in charge of the national team of France.
Your country has won two Europiani finals in 1984 and 2000. What does a third title, especially when playing at home?
This will show that French football is working in the right direction, and that continues to form and training good players … that will bring beautiful success for major European clubs. Many feel that it would be detrimental for the French championship, but I believe that the national team will benefit from this rapid progress.

In the first round, will face against Switzerland, Romania and Albania. Who is the opponent you stronger?
The group is very homogeneous, and analysts put France as favorites, being and the host country. But we have tremendous respect for our opponents. I do not believe we have the advantage that we play the opening match against a difficult team and courageous, it is Romania!
What expectations you have from Albania?
We hope to find a way to solve the problems we had during the qualifying matches against Albania team (draw at Rennes, losing in Tirana). This has to do and fate, if a team gets 5 out of 6 possible points, in only 2 games. We can not pretend that it was just a surprise.
Out of the players know best?
We have studied the way the game’s best all Albanian team, so we know their characteristics, their strength, and in cases where there are, their weaknesses.
How do you judge the work of coach De Biasi? Albania, which qualified him for the first time in history, at the European Championship.
He has done an excellent job, and I speak to you not as a favor. In football terms, he took the best of the Italian school and applied to the Albanian team. He achieved these results with insufficient resources. Resources that are not comparable with the Italian level. The ability to adapt is a good indicator to highlight, a good coach!

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